I’ve never been big on gifts for Christmas.  I have (now grown) children, so it was necessary to buy stuff before, but it was limited to immediate family.

I did buy a couple of things for an online acquaintance recently.  I also received a bag of really good coffee in the mail.

I don’t mind gifts.  I mind the expectation of gifts.

I’m not close to my daughters anymore.  Even the youngest, who lives nearby, rarely calls.  Her phone is currently shut off and I never know when she’s home.  I haven’t spoken with her in a while.

I’ll be spending another holiday alone.  I still have my dogs.

It’s not all bad though.  I’m planning a 75-mile solo bike ride tomorrow.  I’ll do a shorter group ride on Monday.  I haven’t figured out Christmas day yet.  It just seems a waste to have a four-day break from work and not do something.

It’s times like this that I’m reminded of the downsides of being single.  However, taking off on a bike ride for 8+ hours without much planning ahead is difficult in most relationships.  Maybe being single is okay.  I don’t have to justify my habits at home, rather it’s being gone for bike rides, or peeing in the shower.

3 thoughts on “Holidays”

  1. Just found you through another BLOG. I’ve enjoyed what you have here, and have already added you to my reading list.
    Very entertaining stuff. And inspiring too.
    BTW don’t borrow from Cosmo Kramer’s (from Seinfeld) tack and start preparing meals in your shower. Bad combo methinks.

  2. Wishing you a peaceful holiday and a very happy new year, David. I know the holidays can be lonely for those without a lot of family in the area. My family is far-flung, too, and I will be missing a lot of them this Christmas. I hope you can get in touch with your daughter, maybe leave a card or a note in her mailbox?
    Here’s hoping 2013 is a happy and healthy year for us!

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