Sick Dog

Sandy the Psycho had some raw venison on Thursday of last week.  I used to raw-feed the dogs, so I didn’t think this would be an issue.  I was wrong.

Candy the Lovable is normally the dog who gets an upset stomach, but this time Sandy started squirting vile liquid out the rear end uncontrollably.  This started on Saturday morning, and she quit eating.

Sandy the Psychodog

Saturday night, I made her sleep outside.  It was a mild night.  I put water out for her.  I let her back in during the day Sunday, but she still wouldn’t eat.  She was drinking water, and occasionally squirting again.  It seemed to have tapered off by Sunday night, so she stayed in overnight, and made a mess.

Monday, I woke up sick, so I stayed home from work.  That was good.  It allowed me to keep an eye on her, and let her out often.

She was lethargic, still wouldn’t eat, and appeared nauseated (not eating, licking her lips, etc).

I decided to call the vet if she still wouldn’t eat on Tuesday morning.  As expected, she still wouldn’t eat Tuesday morning.  She did seem slightly more energetic though.

A call to the vet got a 9:30 appointment.  I figure she should get used to the bike trailer, rather than deal with getting a cab driver who doesn’t want dog hair in his car.

She tried to get out of the trailer as we first left, but after being put back in, she stayed in for the rest of the ride to the vet’s office.

Doggie cab?

Since I was riding the Big Dummy and pulling a trailer, I just parked in a car parking spot.  Nobody said a word about it.

Sandy was given some fluid under the skin (which dribbled out of her a little making me laugh).  She was given some anti-nausea medicine to induce her to eat.

They supplied several different pills.  She actually ate a pill wrapper with pills in it before we left the vet’s office.  Success!

They suggested I cook a bland meal of boiled chicken breast and white rice for her first meal.  I dropped her off at home and went to work.

After work, I went to the grocery store, so that I could cook dinner.  I expected to come home to dog messes on the floor, but there were none.  I cooked the dinner, and my dogs and I all ate the same thing.  Yes, Sandy ate her whole bowl full.

About an hour later, I heard a loud WHARRRRRRRRRRRRG noise.  I expected Sandy to be sick, but no, it was Candy, vomiting up the chicken and rice.  I let her out where she continued emptying her stomach.  I cleaned up the mess and later let her back in.

The vet called me today at work.  They ran the blood work, and everything looks fine.  Sandy should be fine.  She’s acting normal again.  I still need to provide them with a stool sample, but Sandy needs to provide it first.  Her system is probably still pretty empty.  Maybe tomorrow.

Although I spent a couple of hundred dollars at the vet, it was worthwhile.  I also know I can get the dog there by bike.  Both dogs at once would be more of a problem.