Camping Gear

I’ve complained about my 13-year-old sleeping bag long enough.  It actually works well enough at 50+ degrees, but not so much for camping during October – April.  It’s also big and bulky.

I fixed that.  I bought a Big Agnes Encampment bag and Air Core pad.  It wasn’t cheap, but it should last years, and keep me comfortable.

As an added bonus for bicycle camping, it packs a lot smaller that the old one.  The inflatable pad also packs smaller than the foam pad I’ve been using, and I won’t wake up on the ground instead of the pad, because the pad slips into a sleeve on the bottom of the bag.

Tim has the same pad, and his has developed a slow leak.  They include a patch kit, but if you can’t find the link, Big Agnes has a repair program.  It’s not free, but it’s reasonable.

I also ordered a headlamp so I set up a tent in the dark without drooling all over a flashlight held between my teeth.

I’ll be bike camping again this Friday.  It’ll be quite cold, so I’ll really get to test out my new gear.

Next up:  A better tent!

One thought on “Camping Gear”

  1. David, I just found your website this morning searching for kickstand options on one of my bikes. I’ve never had a huge weight problem, but the whole depression (and health) thing really hit home. It’s super inspiring to read your “story” and see all of the progress you’ve made! I went car-less for over 4 years, but recently bought a new car this last year. I must say, I was starting to feel some of that sedentary life creeping back in, but I’ve been forcing myself to ride to work through winter, and I never regret it when I choose to ride!

    As to the last posting about the leaky sleeping pad… tell your friend to inflate it as full as possible, fill the bathtub full of water, and submerge it. Great way to find those annoying slow leaks!

    Anyway, thank you for making my morning and encouraging me to get out and find more adventures! Keep up the good work and keep posting!

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