Weekend? New Bike? You Betcha!

On Saturday I met Tim at Breadworks.  I had a cup of coffee and a snack before we headed out into the hills of Cherokee park, Indian Hills, and Mockingbird Valley.  I’ve ridden these areas before, but it had been a while.

I was on the rSogn, of course.  Tim followed suit, and rode his somewhat new (to him) Sogn.  It was interesting to compare the two Rawland bicycles.

I hadn’t wrapped the bars yet, and forgot my gloves.  My hands were uncomfortable, but this was more than made up for by the liveliness of the bike.  It felt wonderful.  I sprinted up hills.  I bombed down descents.  It’s just a great bike.

Tim and I went our separate ways.  I stopped at Cumberland Brewery and had one beer and some sweet potato fries.  Not diet healthy, but it just seemed right.

I ended the day with a somewhat hilly 31.6 miles, at a decent pace even.

I went to bed early Saturday night and slept a blissful 12 hours.

Sunday morning I tinkered with the bike.  I ended up installing the small rear rack from the single-speed.  I also put on the white bar tape that was included with the bike.

I’m not a fan of white bar tape.  It gets dirty too easily.  It supposed to look “pro”, so in other words, makes me look like a “poser”.  Then again, when have I ever cared what others’ thought?  This is free bar tape!

The bar tape is temporary.  Saturday’s ride showed me that the bars are now at the right angle.  I may need to change the cable housing once I have a new handlebar bag.  Until then, white bar tape is where it’s at.

In the evening I went out for a spin.  It wasn’t long, and I stopped for more beer and food, not helping my weight loss any.

I added a measly 10.4 miles for the day.  I did spin at 22 mph in traffic on Bardstown Rd for a while.  That felt good.  I hit the traffic lights green for the entire stretch.  Then I pulled over panting, feeling like I was going to lose my lungs.

It’ll take time to get my lungs and heart where they were.  This is the right bike to do it.

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  1. Funny about the white tape, it was always the same kind of thinking playing hockey (I played a lot at a decently high level). If you use white tape on the blade of your stick you are showing off.

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