Maiden Voyage

I didn’t go far, but I took the rSogn out for it’s first ride… well, my first ride on it.  I did buy most of it used.

I spent all evening getting it put together.  I installed the fenders before heading out.  I’m glad I did, it was pretty wet outside.

The maiden voyage was only about a mile.  I just wanted to make sure everything was rideable.

Before I ride it again, I want to adjust the saddle and handlebars.  I still have other plans for it (bar tape would be nice), but those will have to wait.

Rawland rSogn

2 thoughts on “Maiden Voyage”

  1. What a pretty bike! Nice to see others whom love bikes, beer, food and yet want weight loss! It is a conflict….I keep riding more and it helps but not enough 🙂

  2. Karen,
    Yes, it is a conflict. I had a great ride yesterday (followed by beer). I had a shorter ride today in the rain (followed by beer). There’s a pattern going on here…

    Diet is more important to my weight loss than exercise. Yet, I keep drinking beer. If only it were easy.

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