It Looks Like a Bike!

I hauled a load of parts home from On Your Left Cycles on the Big Dummy.  Here’s what I bought:

A Brooks B-17 Special saddle in the Honey color.

The B-17 is the most popular Brooks saddle.  I find them quite comfortable.  The Special version costs a little more, but has hammered copper rivets instead of the machine-pressed steel ones.  I’ve owned two of the standard B-17s, but I’ve wanted a special for a while.

Shimano Deore V-Brakes and rear Derailleur.

The Deore line is nothing fancy, but this isn’t a race bike.  If it stops and shifts, these will do.  Why V-brakes on a road bike?  The frame is really meant for cantilever brakes.  V-brakes are easier to set up and are pretty powerful.  It did require long-pull brake levers, but those were provided with the bike purchase.

Cheap stem, spacers, chain,  12-36 9-speed cassette, two King Cage water bottle cages.

It may take me some time to get the bike set up where it’s comfortable.  I may have to try various stems.  I chose a cheap one that does the job.  I’ll switch to a different one if necessary.  The spacers were just to make sure I had enough to get everything put together.

The 12-36 cassette is quite a wide range, and working in tandem with the Sugino 34/48 compact double purchased with the bike will give me plenty of gear for the hills.

The King Cage bottle cages are a bit pricey, but they’re hand-made in Colorado.  They also fit the aesthetic I’m shooting for with this bike.

I also bought cable and housing for this build, but that’s not worth taking a picture of.

I will initially be using the existing wheels.  I cleaned them up, including scrubbing the gumwall tires clean.  I got the saddle and bars mounted.  I installed and cabled the front brake.  I installed the derailleur and cassette.  It really looks like a bike now!

There may be a small issue with the front rack and clearance with the front brake cable.  I’ll have to ride it to find out if it’ll be a problem.

It might be hard to see in the picture, but the middle section of cable is just barely touching the rack mount.

I still have more to do to the bike, but I’m done for tonight.  I may get to take it around the neighborhood by tomorrow night.

I have most of the tools I need for this job, and make do without the ones I don’t.  I really wish I had a workstand though.

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  1. Looks awesome! I’m loving that saddle. I laughed at the very end of your post. A couple years ago I chose buying a workstand instead of a Brooks. Looks like you made the opposite choice!

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