More Bike Parts

My second shipment of bike parts came in today.  This shipment was from Rivendell.  Both items are manufactured by Nitto.  The first is the Noodle handlebar.  It’s a popular drop-bar.  I’ve ridden a borrowed bike with the Noodle bar before, but never owned one.  The other thing in this shipment is the Nitto Mini front rack.  It’s a small rack, mostly to help support a handlebar bag.

New parts!

I attached the brake levers that were included with the bike purchase to the bars with no issues.  I then installed the bar-end shifters that arrived from Velo-Orange yesterday.  VO has a reputation for pretty stuff with some quality control issues.  One of my shifters has an issue.  The hole for the cable does not go all the way through the lever.  I’ll need to drill it out.

I can’t actually put the bars on the bike yet, as I don’t have a stem.  I was able to attach the new Nitto rack.  I also took the pedals off of the unrideable single-speed and put them on the rSogn.

Getting closer

I’ll be picking up a large load of stuff tomorrow from On Your Left Cycles that I ordered last week.  This should give me everything I need to make the bike rideable.  It won’t be quite done, but at least I’ll be able to ride it and get things adjusted.

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