Training Failure

Sunday’s training ride didn’t work as planned.  Four of us met as planned and headed out on a windy morning.


The first part of the ride had us heading into the wind.  I tried to keep up, but just kept getting farther behind.  So I did something I almost never do.  I stopped, sent a text to Tim, and turned around.

I went back to Sunergos for another coffee and a snack.  While I sat stewing, I played chess on my phone and generally was anti-social for a while.  Eventually it began to rain, so I headed home.


It was a short ride home.  Instead of the 50 miles planned, I managed about 18.  On the bright side, heading back north after the turn-around, my speed was above 20 mph due to a tailwind.

Skinny-tire mountain bike

I’ll try again soon.  Hopefully the rSogn will be ready for the next one.