Road Bike?

The rSogn, which I just ordered a bunch of parts for, will be my go-to bike for long or fast rides.  It’s not a race bike, but it’ll be lean enough for spirited riding.

Tim is planning a spirited training ride for tomorrow, but my rSogn isn’t ready yet.  What to do?  Well, the Fargo has proven to be a reliable race machine.  Unfortunately it’s a mountain bike with 2.2″ knobby tires.  I swapped out the tires for 700×32 Paselas and cleaned up the bike a bit.  It looks weird, but it should do the job.

There’s a 40% chance of rain.  I wish I had fenders on this bike.

I had intended to head out today for a solo ride on the ‘bent, but I really had housework to do.  I also worked on bikes.  I’ll make up for it tomorrow.