From a Plan to a Bike

I mentioned a few weeks ago, that I had an idea for another bike.  I took a big step and bought most of a bike.

A guy who’s blog I follow, and I interact with him on Google+, had an appropriate bike for sale.  I mailed a check, he shipped a large box.

I had it shipped to my local bike shop so I wouldn’t have to be home when it arrived.  That left the problem of getting it home.  Well, the Big Dummy came through again.

Bike on a bike?

After a slow, careful ride home, I was itching to open the box.  It was well packed and took a while with a knife and cutters to get everything free.

The goods

It’s not a complete bike.  It’s frame, fork, crank, derailleurs, wheelset (dyno front wheel), seatpost, seatpost clamp, and tires.  Also included, but not in the picture are fenders, tail light, misc hardware, bar tape, spare tubes, brake levers, and a few other bits and pieces.

It does not have a full drivetrain.  It doesn’t have brakes, stem, handlebars, saddle, or headlight.

My first planned ride for this bike won’t be until Spring, so I have the time to do it right.

So what is it?

It’s a Rawland rSogn.  It’s a low-trail, 650b wheel-sized, road bike with clearance for fat tires.  I’ll set it up like a brevet bike.  Dyno-powered lights, fenders, handlebar bag, and maybe a saddlebag.

It’ll be for long rides without carrying much.  I’ll stick with lightweight tires and minimal luggage.

I intend to really ramp up my mileage in 2013.  I hope this bike can be a large percentage of my riding.