No More Beer

If one thing has to be to blame for my recent weight gain, it’s beer.  It’s not just the calories from beer, but it’s the fact I generally eat more while consuming beer.  I also tend to go out to eat and drink rather than cook a healthier meal at home.

That’s changing.  I’m cutting out 100% of the beer for an undetermined amount of time.

I went grocery shopping earlier today.  I did not buy beer, ice cream, or snack foods.  I bought the things I need to cook at home, and a few “quick and easy” meals that aren’t too high in calories.

I just ate my dinner, a black-eyed pea soup with onion and celery.  I’ve made better before, but it was warm and satisfying.


2 thoughts on “No More Beer”

  1. I hear you, Dave. I had a gin martini habit that I gave up over a month ago. I would have a martini just about every day after work, at home, as a way to relax after work. I have been doing it a long time, but now that I’m not as young as I used to be, it was really affecting my weight loss — as well as making me feel tired the next day. I tried “cutting down,” and that just made me feel deprived. So I gave it up, and I am surprised how easy it was to quit that bad habit. I immediately lost 6 lbs, and I am sleeping much better too. Alcohol really messes with your sleep. So, good luck giving up the beer! You will be so glad you did.

  2. Thanks Elizabeth.

    I’m still waiting to sleep better at night… I had a rough night last night. I know I’ll lose weight. During my big weight loss during 2007-2008 I rarely drank. I would just cut back, but I’m lousy at moderation.

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