Last Weekend’s S24O

Tim, Patrick, and I headed out to Jefferson Forest for another overnight bike trip last Saturday night.

It being winter with forecast lows around 30, I knew my sleeping bag wouldn’t be enough.  I have a nice winter bag in my wishlist, but haven’t been able to purchase it yet.  In the meantime, Timothy loaned me and old, heavy, but warm bag.  It was bulky enough, that the Big Dummy was the only bike I would be able to use for this trip.

Loaded Dummy

It had rained earlier in the day, but by the time I left home, to meet Tim and Patrick, the roads were beginning to dry.

I arrived at the coffee shop about 30 minutes early.  Tim was already there.  Patrick was running late.  That saved us from getting drenched.  Shortly after Patrick arrived, the skies opened up and it rained hard for about 20 minutes.  If he had been on time, we would have been out in that rain.

Once the rain passed, we rolled out… where Patrick immediately had a roofing nail in his rear tire.  We quickly fixed it and moved on.

We rode 20ish miles to Jefferson Forest – where I was able to make it up the hill without walking the time – and set up camp.  Patrick had fire duty, well, because he can actually get a fire started.

I brought hot dogs to cook on the fire, which worked reasonably well.  Patrick and Tim both brought dehydrated “camp food” that they complained about.  I shared the hot dogs.

I’ve had too many camping trips where I was uncomfortable and cold.  I have trouble sleeping on the ground.  That wasn’t an issue this time.  The borrowed sleeping bag, while old and tattered, was warm.  I also used my existing sleeping bag for extra padding.  I slept well and wasn’t cold.

Still, getting up in the cold morning makes me a little grumpy.  At least I had my #zombieraccoon hat for warmth.

Zombie raccoon hat

I made coffee with a pour-over.  The water was heated on my Esbit stove.

My breakfast consisted of cookies.  It was enough to hold me to real breakfast.

We packed and headed back to town for breakfast at Twig and Leaf, which is a pancake and eggs kind of place.

Another S24O complete.  I enjoyed it.  I still need to buy better winter camping gear, but I did okay with the borrowed bag.


5 thoughts on “Last Weekend’s S24O”

  1. Sounds like you guys had a great trip, and managed to miss the worst of the rain. I usually don’t sleep well while camping, either.

    You do realize it won’t actually be winter for quite some time, right?

  2. Glad to hear that the outing was both comfortable and enjoyable for You Dave, I hope things continue to get better for You all around!

  3. Here in Chicago November certainly qualifies as Winter — especially if you are sleeping in a tent! Sounds like you had a great trip. I always sleep lousy in a tent, but I love to camp so I keep torturing myself. Love the hat!

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