Winter Camping… Again

Although I did a four-day tour back in June, I’ve really enjoyed the quick overnight trips, that I’ve done in February and September.  Tim, Patrick, and I are leaving tomorrow for another quickie to Jefferson Forest again.  Asher may join us.

I still don’t have good cold-weather camping gear, but Timothy was kind enough to loan me his bulky, but warm, sleeping bag.

Due to the size of the sleeping bag, and the extra clothes I’ll be carrying for this trip, I’ll once again be riding the Big Dummy for it’s cargo capacity.  I’ll also put on the wideloaders to better help support the load.

As an aside, I’ve really grown to dislike the Xtracycle Freeloader bags.  I’ll probably replace them with something else when money allows.

3 thoughts on “Winter Camping… Again”

  1. As I told you the other day, Xtracycle has a third-generation bag set on the way. I will try to find the video on the new set and drop you a link to it.

    If you opt for the second-generation bags, they are out of red. They only have black. If they get red in stock by the time you order them (if that’s what you get), get red ones and I’ll trade you.

    We’ll get together some time soon and you can see how the second-generation bags look.

  2. Tom,
    I’m actually considering the Go-Getter bags instead. I saw a Youtube video of the new Xtracycle bags, and they’re complicated.

    Money is a concern right now, due to a big check I wrote for another bike project. 😀

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