More Bike Stuff

I have an idea for a new bike.  It started as a casual conversation.  After a quick post on Google+, it has snowballed into a possible used bike purchase.

What is it?  Rando-bike with dyno-lights.  That’s the general idea.  The specific bike that is for sale is a 650b wheel-sized, low-trail, front-loading bike.  We’ll see where this goes.

I’ve been riding the Big Dummy a lot around town.  Today, I needed to ride the recumbent due to a sore neck.  My brakes needed adjusting, so this evening, I was working on the bike and discovered a broken spoke on the rear wheel.

I’ll be riding the Big Dummy again and hauling the wheel from the recumbent to the bike shop.

The single-speed is out of commission for now.  In addition to needing a rear wheel and crankset, I’ve now damaged the stem and handlebars while trying to switch back to the original bars.  I’m going to hold off spending money on it for a bit to put into other projects.

I’m supposed to go bike camping this Saturday.  It’s going to be cold.

I’m nervous as hell about this years Gravel Grovel.  I’m not in shape.