Bike Polo

Today was a busy day.  After work I gave blood at the Red Cross.  After that was Car-Free Happy Hour, which happened to coincide with the local bike polo group playing at the same bar, Barret Bar.

I’d watched bike polo before, but it seemed a tad too dangerous for my liking.  I was goaded into trying bike polo on a borrowed bike.

What is bike polo?  Ummm… you ride bikes around a small enclosed area with one hand.  Your other hand holds a mallet that is used to knock a ball around, and in theory, into the opponents goal.  Generally, polo bikes are single-speed bikes with a disc on the front wheel, and narrow handlebars.  If you have to put a foot down, then you can’t hit the ball until you “tap out”, ride to the center and hit the fence with your mallet.

The rules are simple.  To put them to use is not.

I’ll say this.  I scored one lucky goal.  My team lost.  I never actually crashed, but i did drop the bike a couple of times.  Some players will aggressively block your bike, or even run into you.  “Sorry, not really” they say.

I played a two-on-two game.  Here’s a video of a one-on-one game:

Later, people noticed the Big Dummy cargo bike I was riding.  They asked to borrow it.  So two guys on one bike (not me!) rode around the polo court.  They didn’t have any opponents, yet still had real issues maneuvering the large bike around.

It was a ton of fun with a variety of people.  I’m considering setting up a bike for polo.  I must have lost my mind.