My Neck and Bicycling

I pretty much couldn’t ride a drop-bar bike earlier this year due to my neck flaring up.  I initially though that the painful situation I was in was permanent.  It wasn’t.  My neck has slowly improved.  It still hurts sometimes and is almost always stiff.

In any case, I can ride a drop-bar bike when I’m not having a flare-up.  I had put the upright “city bars” on the single-speed, but I really don’t care for them.  I’ll be switching that bike back to drop bars, and replacing the messed up crankset.

The new Salsa Fargo that I pick up soon has Woodchipper bars, which are shallow drops that are flared outward.  I’ll probably stick with those bars unless they just kill me.

The cheap hybrid?  I’m giving that to my daughter.  She needs transportation.  Her boyfriend’s car broke down, and has been sold.  He had an old bike that I fixed up to rideable condition.  I no longer need the hybrid, and it’ll fit Dawn, so it’s hers.

I still have my recumbent, which is the best bike for my neck.  I also have the Big Dummy, which in addition to hauling cargo, is pretty easy on my neck.

So, I’ll have four bikes to ride, two of which I’ll be able to ride during a neck flare-up.  That’ll do.