I posted the following on Google+ this morning:

Today I’m officially back on the wagon as far as my weight lost attempt.

I stepped on the scale this morning – 245.8 lbs, ugh. I was down to 197.6 about three years ago. So, I’ve gained back about half of what I had lost.

I ate healthy meals yesterday, other than the snack from the coffee shop in the morning. I drank no alcohol.

Today is the real (re-)beginning though. I’m back to tracking everything I eat.

Although as of now, just over eleven hours later, I’m still on plan, I’m already running into difficulties.

I’m in a bad mood.  I haven’t cooked tonight’s meal, which will also provide a couple of lunches.  I have a strong desire to go get drunk.

At this point, I’m going to go to bed hungry tonight, and figure out tomorrow’s lunch tomorrow.  I’m just not in a good enough mood to deal with it.

3 thoughts on “(Re-)Beginning”

  1. I’ve been there and I’m there again to a lesser extent. Keep fighting, you can do it. Just have to whittle away at making your new habits and cut yourself some slack if you fall off the wagon.

  2. Yesterday was horrible mentally and physically. I was sick and depressed. I worked from home for the first half the day, then I read a book until I went to bed.

    I didn’t leave the house, so I stuck with my diet. I still didn’t cook a real meal though. I need to do that before the food goes bad. :/

    I’m at work today and feeling better. I’m going to Car-Free Happy Hour after work, but I’ll eat a salad and have one beer.

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