My “Back Home” Ride

After getting back from San Diego late Thursday / early Friday, I slept in, then got up and ran errands on the bike.  I had to visit the bank, my daughter, and the bike shop.  Then I stopped for a beer and sandwich from Spinelli’s.

Around this time, Robin invited me to the Louisville Ski Club Happy Hour.  It was being held across the river in Jeffersonville.  I don’t ride to Indiana nearly as much as I used to, so it was a nice change to ride over.  I drank a limited amount, and talked with people, before heading back over the bridge just in time to catch the sunset over the Ohio River.

Sunset over the Ohio River

I liked the view so much, I stood on the sidewalk taking pictures for several minutes.

Louisville skyline

I used to ride over this bridge twice a day for commuting.  I almost never stopped for the view then.

Pink sky and Colgate clock