Still No Long Rides

I rarely ride more than 10 miles in a day now.  It’s mostly just commuting, errands, or neighborhood rides.  Robin and I still ride to volleyball on Mondays.

Some of this is mental.  I still suffer from depression.  Some of this is poor time-management and some is logistical.

I bought the new hybrid (Nermal 2.0?) to make into a gravel bike.  I’ve added a rear rack so I can ride it to work.  I still needs changes:

  • Fatter tires
  • Better saddle
  • Two-bolt seatpost
  • Better seatpost clamp
  • Another bottle cage

Once I get those things, I’m prepared for gravel rides.  Later, I’d like:

  • Different handlebars
  • Better brakes, pads, and levers
  • Small front rack
  • Better pedals

Maybe next year I can really upgrade the bike, to where only the frame and a few parts are still original.  I’d add:

  • Better wheels
  • 9-speed drivetrain (3×9 or maybe 2×9)
  • New crankset
  • New shifters

All this is nice, but doesn’t solve the root causes.  I’m out of shape and depressed about it.

4 thoughts on “Still No Long Rides”

  1. Hmmm…since this depression seems chronic, I wonder if more aggressive treatment is in order? My understanding is that depression can cause one to loss motivation to do things he ordinarily enjoys doing.

  2. May I suggest getting a tyre on the sporty side for a change? Kenda Happy Medium 40? Conti CX Speed 42? Conti Cyclocross 42? Spec S-Works Renegade 29×1.8-if it will fit? Spec Borough XC 45 or CX 42?

  3. Pondero, I’m still pondering what to do. I’ve spent a lifetime “just dealing with it”. It may be time to change… or not.

    Barturtle, Tim has offered to loan me some tires to try. I honestly don’t remember what they are. If they fit, and I like them, I’ll pay a fair price. I’ve got to wait until he’s back from tour, and I get back from San Diego first. (I leave Saturday).

  4. I need to get caught up on your blog. If you still want a two-bolt seatpost and you want to try the one from my Moto, I’d happily trade it for one with one bolt (plus cash if you like). I’m not a two-bolt fan.

    WRT continuing to just deal with your depression (or maybe not), I “know that feel,” as we have developed a habit of saying around here. I have my own ongoing mood issues, and sometimes (:::koffkoff::: last week :::koffkoff:::) they get bad enough that I really think I should consider medication to manage them, but I have had terrible results with medication in the past, so I don’t. Sometimes it seems like choosing between flavors of misery.

    I don’t have any advice for anyone on that subject, particularly, but I guess I just wanted to say, “I know what you mean, there.”

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