Home Sweet Home

My house has been a shambles.  Sometimes it’s clean, other times it’s dirty, but it’s been disorganized and not pleasant to live in.  I haven’t had a kitchen table since Kristy moved out.  I didn’t like the one we had before she moved out.

I never used my livingroom.  I mostly just slept at home.  Too much space was taken up by bike parts and tools.  Every flat surface was covered in junk.

Robin had brought a TV and DVD player over so we could watch movies together on the couch.

Since then, I’ve wanted to spend more time at home, but I needed a few things to make it nicer to be here.

Over the last few weeks, Robin and stopped at a lot of yardsales.  I bought two table lamps for the bedroom.  I bought a floor lamp for the livingroom.  Yesterday we found an old, but sturdy and nice, kitchen table with four chairs.  It was priced well, as it was missing it’s middle leaf.  This makes the table football-shaped, but that doesn’t bother me. The smaller size fits my kitchen better.

My bedroom had water damage from the leaking roof.  The roof has been repaired, but the bedroom needs painting and new carpet.  I moved my bedroom to the front of the house (former livingroom), which is bigger.  My livingroom moved back one room to the former “bike room”.

The old bedroom is bike storage for now, but I’ll have to move them out for remodeling.

I did some bike work that I’ve been meaning to for a while.  This allowed me to get rid of some stuff, and put other stuff away.  I no longer have bike parts or tools anywhere, except put up where they belong.

My house is de-cluttered and clean.  It feels like a nice place to live again.  I still have paperwork to sort in the computer room, but it won’t take long to do that.

I’m still recovering from being sick, so a long bike ride was out of the question for the weekend.  Using the extra time to clean and organize was a better idea.

This is reducing my stress level and helps me feel in control of my life again.  Sometimes, little things can really help.

4 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home”

  1. I do the same thing. When I get stressed out, I clean out! Having everything nice and tidy helps me stay sane.

  2. That’s a good idea. I need to declutter around here, especially my office area. It’s not awful but there’s crap piling up and since I’m working from home it’s getting to me a little bit. I don’t think about it when I’m not spending so much time at my computer.

  3. Cleaning isn’t (usually) stress-relieving for me. Having a clean house is.

    I had just let it go disorganized for too long. I have a little more to finish, then just keep it clean.

    This should improve my mental state.

  4. Amen to the mental health-improving qualities of a clean house. Also amen to cleaning itself not usually being stress-relieving (it was when I lived alone and thus had very little stuff to contend with; right now, finding homes for everything is about enough to cause an aneurysm).

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