Michael got me started on Google+ so a group of us could talk about RCCS plans.  I quickly learned that G+ was about circles, which can be based on interests.

So, yes, I have an RCCS circle, but it’s just a few people.  My largest circle is Cyclists.  I’ve met them (online) and a few I knew IRL (in real life).  G+ has a feature (that I’ve never used) called Hangouts.  My understanding is that it’s just a video chat of a number of people.  I won’t do this at work, and I’m often not dressed at home, so I’ll just have to miss out.  🙂

However, some in my cycling circle are trying out HIRLs.  This is a Hangout In Real Life.  John from Elizabethtown Kentucky visited Ben in Virginia.  Asher from here in Louisville also visited Ben.  A woman from New Jersey is traveling to Oregon for work, and will HIRL with some others in her circles.

Scott is coming through Louisville on his way to northern Indiana on Thursday.  I going to meet up with him for lunch across the river in Jeffersonville.  Matt, from here in Louisville, was going to join us, but turns out he’ll be busy.  Too bad.  He lives here, but I have yet to meet him IRL.

I have a conference to attend in San Diego next month, but I don’t have anyone from San Diego in my circles.  Oh well.

The bad part about G+?  I’ve almost entirely quit posting here.  I’m trying to rectify that now.  I’m not going to quit using G+ and there really is a high-level of discussion on a variety of topics, from bicycles and traffic, to Roger and his Macaw.  My posts get many more comments there than here.

My G+ profile is here.

4 thoughts on “Google+”

  1. I’m glad people still visit here. I tend to write longer, more in-depth stuff here. Google+ is more for quick comments.

    I also have much more control of the content here. This is my content on my terms. I know it’ll always be here to review. I can’t say the same about Google+, as the service could take a different direction, or possibly even be discontinued at a future date.

  2. I actually prefer to post serious comments and suggestions periodically on a persons blog than on G*, maybe it’s old school but a blog is more serious and I am more open in sharing real advice or headaches on one than in social.

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