Change in Plans and Volleyball

I mentioned before that I signed up for volleyball.  I’ve played the last two Mondays.  It’s fun, tiring, and leaves me covered in sand.  I ride my bike there after work.  Sometimes I come directly from work, other times I have time to ride home first.  Robin and I usually go across the street for dinner after the games.

I’m not good at volleyball.  Luckily the league I’m playing with isn’t great either, but I’ve got plenty of room for improvement before I can give any of them grief.  🙂  After only two days (six games), I feel I’ve learned a few things.  The hardest part is coordination.

Yesterday I decided at the last minute to ride the new bike to work.  It doesn’t have a rear rack, so I had to hang my laptop bag over my shoulder.  It wasn’t very comfortable, but it worked.  I’ve said I’m not going to put a rack or fenders on the bike.  I’ve changed my mind.

The new bike will get a rear rack for panniers – whether for commuting or camping.  It’ll also get one of the small front racks, like I put on Robin’s bike.  I won’t be adding fenders, as I want room for bigger tires.  Tim has offered to let me try out some monster 47mm tires.  I’ll try them out for fit soon.

Robin took me to work today.  I seem to have pulled a muscle during volleyball last night.

I’ve put a whole 14 miles on the new bike so far.  I won’t ride it tomorrow, because I don’t like carrying the laptop on my shoulder.  I’m probably going to ride the Big Dummy.

Now I need to get the money together for the racks, tires, seatpost, clamp, etc…

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