Saturday Coffee Ride

The RCCS is back.  We posted a coffee ride for Saturday morning.  Tim, Timothy, Patrick, and I met up at Breadworks.  We didn’t announce a route for the ride, in fact, I hadn’t drawn one up until that morning.  Patrick thought we’d be heading generally eastward, toward his home, and he could bail early for family obligations.  Unfortunately, the route was headed west, so Patrick rolled home after we were finished with coffee.

After spending a week riding my single-speed, I was back on the recumbent.  I need to ride the recumbent because of my neck, but with my heavier weight and lack of fitness, I really struggle on the hills.

I’m glad I rode, but I was in a bad mood.  We cut the ride short, as Tim had unexpected family obligations.  Timothy was in no need of extra miles, as he rode all the way in from Prospect for the ride.  I was grumpy, so I just tried to enjoy the company and coffee shops.

It was a three-coffee-shop ride.  Breadworks, Sunergos, and Quills.  Once alone, I stopped by the bike shop briefly before heading home.  I got in just over 20 miles.

The route below is what I actually rode, not the longer planned route.

Download file: 2012-06-23.gpx

3 thoughts on “Saturday Coffee Ride”

  1. Not this coming weekend (last weekend in June), but soon, it’s going to be time for a cargo-bike ride. You, Ian Ritchie, and me on our Dummies, Tim on his Ute, and anyone else we can find interested in our pace (I have seen Jim Whaley on a Ute on Bike to Work Day, but he’s scary fast most of the time, and probably wouldn’t care to ride our pace).

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