30 Days of Biking – Day 2

An easy spin to work this morning with a mild headwind.  I was on the single-speed and not in a hurry.  I took a slightly different way to work than normal.

I walked with my boss to lunch, played a game of chess – mental exercise.

The ride home was a bit faster with a mild tailwind, but taking my normal route.

I spent the evening cooking with Robin and watching UK win the championship.

No complaints about the day.  Good weather, good riding, good company.

Back In The Saddle – April 1st

That’s right.  I’m back to my old self.  My neck still hurts, but I can ride again.   I can even ride a drop-bar road bike.  It’s a shame I sold my LHT, but I needed the money.

Flooding in Cherokee Park

April is 30 days of biking.  I have to be on the bike every day of the month.  It doesn’t matter if I’m riding 100 miles or 1 block, but I have to ride.

I’ve been back on the bike for commuting the past two weeks.  Things have improved.  I’ve mostly rode the single-speed, but took the Big Dummy shopping on Thursday.

Today, April 1st started with rain and thunderstorms.  I assumed I’d be riding around the block.  I had tentative plans to ride with Tim and Timothy, but woke up to crappy weather.  Robin had stayed with me, and she reminded me I had to ride.

The weather cleared out, and I took off to meet in St. Matthews.  Tim never showed.  He had a bad day.  Timothy was there, and we rode 20-ish miles.  We helped an older gentleman on a recumbent trike fix a flat tire.  It ended up being a beautiful day and there were many cyclists out.  My total miles for the day were 30.8.  I’ll take it.  I did it all on the single-speed, even over the hills of Cherokee Park.

Later in the day I went with Robin to pick up her new TV, her first HDTV.  I programmed her UVerse box to work with it, and then took hours to figure out the remote programming.  She rewarded me with apple pie and ice cream.

Tomorrow I ride to work.  This is easy.  Iv’e been back at it for two weeks.

After work, I’ll be at Robin’s to watch UK win the NCAA basketball championship on her new TV.

Life is good.