30 Days of Biking – Day 9

I spent some time with Robin and her family on Easter.  I’m glad I got my early morning ride in, as by evening, I was feeling ill.  I went home and tried to sleep it off.

This morning was bad.  I didn’t ride to work.  I didn’t go to work.  I spent much of the day sleeping.  When I couldn’t sleep anymore, I wanted to read, but my Kindle is broken.  I bought a Kindle book anyway, and read it on my phone.

I did ride my bike less than a half-mile to go over to Robin’s and get some food.  She wasn’t home, but she told me what I could eat.  That 0.4 miles was my day 9.

I started feeling better toward evening.  I tackled the huge pile of papers in my home office.  I can now use my desk again.  I set up my laptop there and worked on migrating this blog to a new server.  Once DNS propagates, you should be able to read this.

Hopefully I’ll break the 10-mile mark for day 10.