30 Days of Biking – Days 5,6, and 7

On Thursday, I rode to work and back, 7.5 miles.  That’s it.  Nothing special.  No extra errands.  After arriving home Robin and I went to Rich O’s Public House for pizza and beer.  We took her car.  I over-indulged in both food and libation.

I have put the clipless pedals back on the single-speed.  I’m still trying to decide whether or not to leave them there.  I’m typing this while wearing my SPD shoes….

Friday morning was rough.  I had a hangover and I still felt full.  Robin drove me to work, and picked me up after work.  We went out for a light dinner (it is possible) at Wick’s Pizza and met some of her friends.  I had a salad.  Afterwords, I ran some errands on the bike, totalling a measly 1.5 miles, but I was on the bike.

I got a lot of housework and yardwork done on Saturday.  Some of it at my house, and some at Robin’s.  Later in the day, I had planned to meet back up with Robin, but instead went for a 5.7 mile spirited ride on the single-speed after dark with the new DiNotte lights. They are bright.  That’s the bike with the dyno-lighting, so add in a Planet Bike Superflash, and I had two headlights and three taillights.  I was quite visible.

I intend to get up early for a 6:00am ride with Tim.  Then I’ll spend the day with Robin going to Richmond KY to meet family.