Every Day!

This might have been the first week this year that I rode to work and back a full five days. Most of those were on the single-speed.  I think I’m getting better.

Heavy skies

Some of the improvement is mental.  Deciding to just deal with the pain has made things easier.  I’m still stretching and taking Aleve, but that’s pretty much it.

The nicer weather is a bonus.  Most of the country is having an early spring.  I’ve been leaving my bedroom window open for over a week now.  That was a bad idea during the day yesterday.  We had a storm, with tornado, blow through while I was at work.  There was no damage in my part of town, but the wind blew the rain in my open window getting my bed wet and splattering my laptop with droplets.  The laptop just needed a wipe-down. It still works fine.

After work I spent time with Robin and watched basketball.

I plan to participate in the 30 days of biking for the month of April.  That basically means I’m on the bike at least a little every day of the month.  I usually have days that I don’t go anywhere, or only walk, so I’ll have to take a little extra time for a spin around the neighborhood.