Bikes For Sale

No, I’m not giving up riding. I’ve been thinking about selling bikes that I can no longer use as I intended to. I did my taxes and need to come up with some money by April 17th.

Update: I’ve sold the front rack and handlebar bag. I have someone picking up the LHT, Dahon, and wheelset. I’ve decided to keep the SON wheel and lights

Update 2: The LHT and Dahon are sold, as is the wheelset and some extra tires. I’m done selling bike stuff.

The three bikes that I’ll probably sell two of are:

  • Surly Big Dummy (cargo bike)
  • Surly Long Haul Trucker (touring bike)
  • Dahon Speed D7 (folding bike)

My recumbent will handle long rides and with a few upgrades, even loaded touring. It’s the one bike that I can almost always ride.

The single-speed is a great around-town bike. I’m keeping it, even if I have to switch out the handlebars later. I may sell the lighting system including dyno-hub off of it though.

The Dahon (SOLD) is handy, but I seldom ride it. It’s a one-size-fits-all folding bike. It has fenders and a small rear rack. It could use a good cleaning and has a few scratches and scuffs. $250 or make an offer.

The Big Dummy (NO LONGER FOR SALE) is a few years old, but I haven’t had it long. I don’t know for sure what size it is, but it’s probably a tad large for me, but I manage to ride it anyway. It includes FreeLoader bags, kickback kickstand, wideloaders, and a Brooks sprung leather saddle. $1200 or best offer. I have a few repairs to make to it before it’s road-worthy again (rim strips and tires). If you’d like to save a few dollars and do that work yourself we could work something out. Note: this is the earlier model Big Dummy that has the “swoopy” top-tube and Mr Whirly Cranks. It sold for around $2500 when new. The newer ones use lower-end components and sell for around $2000.

I bought the Long-Haul Trucker (SOLD) new. It’s a 58cm in the “Truckacinno” color. It’s outfitted with a rear rack, computer, Brooks B17 saddle, and Schwalbe tires. The brakes have been upgraded to the excellent Tektro CR720 cantis. I’ll sell it with the original wheels and no bar-tape for $850 or best offer. The original wheels are a bit worn, but I have the new set available separately (see below).

I have some other parts and accessories available:

700C Wheelset – SOLD
Rear: Shimano XT hub 36H with Velocity Dyad rim – 9speed 11-34 cassette.
Front: Shimano Alfine Dynohub 32H with Velocity Dyad rim
These wheels were hand-built by local wheelbuilder Tom Armstrong for my LHT. I got them in late December, so they have less than 20 miles on them. I’ve been unable to ride that bike. I paid over $570 for them. I’ll sacrifice them for $350 firm.

700C Front Wheel – NO LONGER FOR SALE
This is a SON28 dynohub 36H laced to a Velocity A23 rim. This is the “classic” version (it’s not old, they just recently redesigned them). It’s squarer than the current mode. It’s non-disc, and shiny polished finish. I’ll sell the complete hand-built wheel for $250 firm, which is less than I paid for the hub. The hub is in perfect condition. The rim has had a few hundred miles of use, but will easily last a few thousand more. The hub will last forever.

I have the B&M IQ CYO R headlight in black. It works with either dyno wheel above. I also have the B&M Toplight Flat S Plus tail light. It gets wired into the headlight to keep you visible. $80 for both if purchased with a bike or dyno-wheel.

Handlebar bag – SOLD
I’ll sell my Acorn handlebar bag (medium size?) for $60. There is normally a waiting list to buy these for $100.

Front Rack – SOLD
I have a Surly Front Rack that will fit the LHT easily or the Big Dummy with careful use of a dremel. First $40 takes it. Has most hardware (everything needed for mounting on either of those bikes).

Pictures? Well, I have the My Bikes page. The bikes may not look exactly the same anymore due to upgrades and parts switching. Contact me and you can check out a bike in person.

Terms? Cash only at time of sale. I won’t sell the lights unless they go with a bike or dyno wheel. Bikes don’t come with pedals (except the Dahon) I’ll have some for you to test ride though. I need to sell this stuff soon, like in the next three weeks. If I can’t sell it in that time frame, I’ll keep it. I can’t take payments. All this stuff is used. Some of it more than others. The wheelset is barely used. The bikes show that they have been ridden, they’re far from pristine. I may decline to sell a low-priced item if I haven’t sold anything else yet. I may decline to sell anything.

So, contact me at, and we’ll talk.