Longest Ride This Year (So Far)

It’s no secret that my bike riding is way down.  My neck issues have seen to that.  Now that I’ve decided what to do about it (exercise and stretching) I need to ride more.

Saturday, Timothy and Asher competed in the Sub9 Death March.  They planned to stop at Charlestown Pizza for a victory beer after the race.  I’m in no shape to race, but I hopped on my recumbent for a ride to Charlestown to meet up with them.

Charlestown Pizza used to be one of my regular hang-outs when I lived in Charlestown.  I now live 20 miles away, so I don’t get there often.  A 40-mile round-trip means I can consume a few calories.

The ‘bent near a funny sign

I actually had a rough ride on the way northward.  It’s a slight uphill the whole way.  Drivers were rude and I wasn’t feeling well.  To think I used to ride the route often to get to work was amazing.  I also realized just how out of shape I’ve gotten.

The weather was stunning.  It was sunny, clear, and in the mid-50s.  I arrived at Charlestown Pizza to see they are having a fundraiser for tornado-affected areas.  They were busy, but there was only about a 20-minute wait for a table for three.

After hearing about Timothy and Asher’s struggle on the Death March (and the DNF they got), we enjoyed food and beer.

It was dark by the time it was time to leave.  I was well-lit, yet I took a different route with less traffic but more hills.  I felt strong.  I felt good.

While southbound, Venus and Jupiter were to my right.  Mars was to my left.  Orion was nearly overhead.  I easily saw these things because it’s easy to look up into the sky while riding the recumbent.  The bike has it’s drawbacks, but the view is not one of them.

After riding home I felt incredibly alive.  Unlike my camping trip last month, I didn’t hurt from the ride.  Even the Big Dummy, with it’s upright position, hurts.  The ‘bent doesn’t.

Now I’m in a quandary.  I’m considering selling the LHT.  It’s designed for long trips.  I can’t ride an upright bike for long distances.  My single-speed works great around town for short trips.  The Big Dummy works for hauling dog food and other supplies short distances, but the ‘bent has to be my “distance bike”.

In any case, it was great to get out again.  I’m going to start getting out on my solo rides.

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  1. Ah, the joys of the invigorating 40-miler. Good to hear. I hope you’ll report back on how the exercise and stretching program works. I’m not a physician, but my hunch is that many of us are too quick to yield to unnecessary surgery and perpetual medication…when we could choose to live differently. Best wishes.

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