I often joke about riding when the weather is bad, and wimping out and taking a cab on the nice days.  I had intended to ride to work every day this week, and I almost accomplished it.  On Thursday, with beautiful weather, I felt like crap and called a cab.

Wednesday was stormy, yet I rode anyway.  We ended up with tornadoes to the south, but not in Louisville.

Yesterday, Friday, I rode again.  I had a physical therapy appointment before work and rode there under cloudy skies.  After PT I rode to work with a few raindrops.  There were all kinds of weather warnings popping up around the region, but it had actually started looking nice out.

A nasty storm system was approaching Louisville, and most businesses were letting people go home early.  About 2:15 I was given the go-ahead to leave.  I rode through strong winds and the temperature had climbed to 75F.  That’s definitely a sign of a spring storm.  I was in my back yard before I even felt a drop of rain.

Tornado in Southern Indiana
Tornado in Southern Indiana

I watched weather information on my computer for a while and watched as nasty reports came in from Southern Indiana.  A friend of mine who lives near Borden Indiana, forwarded me a picture of a tornado.

Eventually a tornado warning was issued for Louisville, and I headed to the basement.  My power never went out.  No trees came down in my neighborhood.  We just had some scary winds for a few minutes, then it was over.

The reports are still coming in today.  More than two-dozen people killed in Kentucky and Southern Indiana.  Henryville High School is pretty much destroyed.  Borden High School damaged.  I’ve read there were over 80 tornadoes associated with this storm.  Some of them were pretty large.

The areas in Southern Indiana that were hit hardest are some of the areas I used to ride a lot in.  I won’t attempt to go there for another week or so to allow clean-up efforts to continue.  It’s a beautiful area with great low-traffic roads.  I feel for those who lost homes, family members, pets, etc.  That’s got to be hard.  I don’t wish that on anybody.