S24O Part 2

Patrick eating by headlamp - Saturday night
Patrick eating by headlamp - Saturday night

Read part one if you haven’t already.

I woke sore, stiff, and cold on Sunday morning.  I rolled out of the tent glad to be off of the ground.  It was about 6:30am.  The other guys started stirring about the same time.

The original plan was for me to make coffee and breakfast.  Breakfast required Asher to get the fire going again.  I was convinced by the others to skip making breakfast and concentrate on coffee.

I used Patrick’s stove and a percolator I borrowed from a co-worker to make passable (but hot!) coffee.

With everything packed, we rolled out of the campsite.  We waved at the younger group on our way out.  They were up, awake, and making breakfast.

The 33-degree temperatures were chilling on the fast descent down Holsclaw Hill Rd with no warm-up time.  Then it was a steady slog into and through town.

We decided to eat at a buffet near my house.  I fell behind everyone (except Asher who rode with my sorry slow ass).  Shortly after turning on Eastern Parkway the bike started feeling “squishy”.  Yep, the rear tire was going flat again.

Repairing a flat means unloading the bike.  Not a big deal at the campsite, but a real pain on the side of the road.  We were probably less than two miles from the restaurant, so I pumped the tire back up and continued.

After a less-than-satisfying breakfast, Patrick loaned me a CO2 cartridge that I used to re-inflate my tire and ride another mile to get home.  The bike is still sitting in the living room with a flat tire.

Building a bench - Saturday
Building a bench - Saturday

I completely enjoyed the adventure, even with the cold, the neck issues, and the flats.  I’ll eventually buy better camping equipment.  I’m still not sure what direction bike changes will take.  I may be limited to riding the recumbent permanently.  This ride was painful.  I can add an under seat rack for more carrying capacity on the ‘bent.  I don’t want to do so until I know if I need to.

For now, I ride what I have and enjoy what I can.


7 thoughts on “S24O Part 2”

  1. Sounds like you guys had a blast! Sorry your neck is still bothering you so much… You can still give one of those trike recumbants a try.

  2. Great trip — I’m sad that I wasn’t able to come. Sounds like a good time, and you guys had some awesome weather for it. Take care of that neck!

  3. It was a good trip. I really enjoyed it.

    Michael, No, the Dummy came with some Continental Town and Country tires. I’ll ride them until I wear them out.

  4. With the size of the Arkel GT54s you have, it should be no problem to carry everything you need for a S24O, though it may require upgrading your equipment with an eye towards smaller, lighter gear. Solo tent, ultralight bag and inflatable sleeping pad would all be a good start.

    Some careful shopping and waiting to catch the right deal should net those three for under $150. My 0F bag, tent and pad put me right at 10lbs. My 30F bag, bivy and pad drop that to 5lbs.

  5. Congrats on a great trip! I’m jonesing for the chance to get out this spring too. I’d also second barturtle’s comment on your camping setup. even with my cheap gear (big tent, not super-expensive 3-season bag, etc…) I’m able to cram everything aside from my camera equipment into a set of t-28’s and the rack platform. Especially if there’s a bunch of guys going — divide and conquer to bring everything you need…

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