Off The Bike

My neck issue is pushing me off the bike for a while.  I’m tired of fighting the pain.  I see a neurosurgeon in two weeks.  Then it’ll be time for more decisions.  In the meantime I’m staying off the bike.  Even the recumbent hurts me on bad days.

My eating habits are only slightly better than before.  I have purchased a new hot-air popcorn popper.  I used it tonight.  Plain popcorn used to be a comfort food for me, but I had thrown away the old popper.  Now I can go back to this filling, low-calorie, snack that I used to enjoy.

In spite of the challenges, I’m in a good mood.  I’m not trying too hard to lose weight, just trying to prevent myself from gaining for a while.  Things are working well with Robin.  We’re now going out and doing something besides eating.  We saw a concert on Friday and a movie on Sunday.  We met with my daughter and her boyfriend on Saturday, but we did go out to eat then.

I feel more motivated to take care of housework and other related duties than I have in a while.

I probably won’t see Robin next weekend, but that will give me time to thoroughly clean house and catch up on other duties that need to be done.

I’ll take the bus to work most days now that I’m not riding my bike.  I’m considering walking a couple of days a week though, including tomorrow.  At least it’s still exercise and it doesn’t seem to hurt.

4 thoughts on “Off The Bike”

  1. So glad I found your blog. You have achieved amazing success, maybe time to step back and look at the big picture if you are not feeling good about your achievements- pretty cool stuff! Lindsay

  2. Hang in there. Hopefully, you’ll get some medical resolution soon.

    If walking is not too painful, have you tried a “very upright” bicycle, maybe with albatross bars set up nice and high? Just thinkin’…

  3. My “off the bike” didn’t last. I find the bus to be annoying enough that I’d rather ride my bike and deal with the pain, at least on days where the pain is bearable. I did okay today on the single-speed.

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