I’m barely riding the bike.  I’m gaining weight.  My neck has been, well, a pain in the neck.  I missed another day of work on Thursday due to it.

I don’t mean to sound too negative.  A lot of good stuff is going on.  I bought a new laptop on Friday to replace the one that died a few months ago.  I’ve been spending my weekends with Robin.  I have a doctor appointment tomorrow and will figure out what to do next for treatment of my neck.

Robin bought me a heating pad, mostly because I’m too stubborn to buy one myself.  I’ve been enjoying good company, good food, and good beer.

I bought some new clothing and a stand for my new laptop, so I can sit in a more comfortable chair and still use it.

I’ll be riding the recumbent to the doctor then to work tomorrow.  There’s a good chance of rain, so I’ll be carrying dry clothes with me.  At least the rain will finish melting the little bit of snow off the ground.

3 thoughts on “Discomfort”

  1. I just thought of something: IIRC you do tech support of some sort? Have you considered a standing desk? Might be worth looking into.

  2. Tom,
    After the minor thunderstorm going on, all the salt should be totally gone. 🙂

    I don’t do tech support, but I sit at a computer all day. I’ve thought about the standing desk thing *before* my neck issue, but honestly I’m more comfortable reclined in a chair than standing.

    Yes, I do recline at work since the neck issue began. It probably makes me look lazy(ier?), but I don’t care.

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