Indecision and GAS

Tim talks about GAS and I understand.  GAS, or Gear Acquisition Syndrome can lead to spending more time and money equipping the bikes than riding them.  That’s not acceptable.

I have three bikes I’d like to add to my stable.  A road/brevet bike.  A dedicated gravel bike, and a mountain bike.

In addition to that, I have a wishlist of stuff for my existing bikes.  My LHT needs some work.  I want to swap out most of the drivetrain.  I want different brakes.  I want different front and rear racks, new wheels, lighting.  Ugh.  This gets expensive very quickly.

I’m trying to prioritize what to do first.  I already have a new front derailleur on order for the LHT, but that’s a repair.  I could have new wheels built for that bike, using the existing hubs, and that would be a repair also, as the brake tracks are very worn on the rims.  I don’t want to use the existing front hub though.  I want a dyno-hub for powering a new lighting system.  Although I already had a dyno-wheel built for that bike, I ended up using it on the single-speed.

My next big purchase was going to be a frameset for the road/brevet bike, but now I’m reconsidering that.  I’m thinking I need to put the money into the LHT to get it ready to be a do-almost-anything bike.  Some of what I’d do is repairs.  Some of it is upgrades.

I spent several hours looking at bike stuff online today.  I could have done something useful in that time, but I didn’t.

I’m going to go do some housework now.  Something useful.

3 thoughts on “Indecision and GAS”

  1. If you’re already thinking of buying a new front hub, you might want to consider getting the rear as well. Why, you ask? To use the old set as beater wheels. Gravel rides, snow tires, etc. A decent Deore level rear hub isn’t too expensive and leaves you that spare set.

    Just another option to consider.

  2. I think Timothy makes a good point. A spare wheelset could be very useful and it might not even cost you too much more.

    I get GAS sometimes but I’m broke now, and mostly the kind of GAS I’m getting right now is for photography gear.

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