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I had the recumbent ready on Sunday night for the Monday commute.  I rode it to work with no issues.  I had an appointment after work to ride to, and I had a few shifting issues.  I’ll have to look into that later.

I had an appointment with a lawyer before work.  I rode the Big Dummy to work, then walked to the appointment.  I’m glad I did.  Traffic was a mess in the area due to an underground electrical box fire.  Even riding a bike through the area would have been problematic.

I had ridden the Big Dummy to pick up pet supplies at Feeder’s Supply after work.  I normally go to the Downtown location, but I wanted to check out a new route to St Matthews, so I rode my new route through the Richlawn and Beechwood Village neighborhoods to get to another location.

I then hauled 70lbs of pet supplies toward home, stopping at Four Pegs for beer and food.  I may have eaten what I shouldn’t have, but I did get over 20 miles in for the day, nearly half of that while hauling pet supplies.

Today I had a doctor appointment in New Albany before work.  My LHT was still in pieces, so I rode the single-speed.  By the time I got home, I had 26 miles.

Several of us are getting together this weekend for a gravel ride.  My LHT is the bike of choice here, so it was time to put it back together.

I cleaned the bike the best I could and reinstalled the fenders and wheels.  I cleaned and lubed the drivetrain.  I noticed a few issues.

  • Rear hub is “sloppy”
  • Front derailleur won’t shift to small ring, unless you push it with your finger
  • Rims are badly worn
  • Cables are worn
  • Brake pads are worn
  • Pedals were “crunchy” – one of them was also bent
  • Chainrings are worn

I don’t have the money to fix all of this right away.  I did have some different pedals in the closet that I put on it.  I’ll be stopping by the bike shop for help with the rear hub and front derailleur.  The hub because I don’t own any cone wrenches.  The derailleur, because I don’t know what’s wrong with it.  It could just need replacing.

The bike has seen nearly 6600 very hard miles.  This is the go-to bike for gravel, rain, winter, mud, and heavy loads (before the Big Dummy).  It looks like I’ll be spending a fair amount over the next few months fixing it up.

I’ve quit tracking my food intake again.  I’m going to start again tomorrow.  I’ve been busy and it takes time.  Yesterday’s fun at Four Pegs is what happens when I don’t hold myself accountable.

I’m still slowly losing.  Go figure.  I guess it’s a combination of better eating (even with mishaps) and more miles on the bike.

3 thoughts on “Updates and Stuff”

  1. Man, that’s a lot of weight to haul! Sounds like a challenge, hopefully a fun one. Your LHT needs some love. Mine’s at about 7800 miles, and showing some signs of wear too. It just got a tuneup, so hopefully it’s good for a while, though my cassette has some weird things going on. So we’ll see.

  2. Mid-City ValuMarket is awesome! I miss their beer cave (ours — on 3rd Street @ Iroquois Manor — has a phenomenal international food selection, but no beer cave).

    I can confirm that more riding, even when the eating isn’t going perfectly, really can trim the weight (now I just need to get that principle operating in my life again — it’s amazing how lazy one can be when one only actually *has to* leave the house three times a week!).

  3. Michael,
    The route to and from Feeder’s Supply is fairly flat. I didn’t even need the granny gear when hauling the weight.

    Yep, I love the beer cave. You could get a few more miles in, and enjoy better beer, if you rode to Mid-City. 🙂
    My experience is more riding doesn’t help my weight at all unless my eating is under control.

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