2 thoughts on “That Didn’t Take Long”

  1. Wow — congrats both on being car-free and on selling back a vehicle in solid shape (means it didn’t get used much, right? :D)!

    It’s been really cool to follow your journey from bike commuter to car-free full-time bike-everywhere-er. Very inspiring!

  2. Thanks!

    Well, I think the truck had 12,000 miles on it when I bought it, so it did get used. I drove it to West Virginia, Florida, Washington DC.

    It’s been a strange trip for me. I bought a bike for exercise in April 2008, and by August of that year I was thinking about a car-free lifestyle. I also recognized the difficulty having that lifestyle while living in Charlestown.

    Once I moved to Louisville (September 2010), it was a no-brainer. My marriage situation prevented me from selling the truck, but once the situation changed I started planning.

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