Good Enough

I’ve been pretty good about my eating.  I was trying for 700 bike miles for the month.  I’m fairly happy with my recent weight loss.

Today was Car-Free Happy Hour at Clifton Pizza.  I was unsure I even wanted to go, but I did go.

I’m glad I did.  Tom was there with his wife.  They had ridden a tandem recumbent.  I ate two pieces of pizza and had some beer.

I followed Tom to his house in Lyndon, then headed home.  I wasn’t sure exactly how many miles I needed to get 700 for the month.  I came up short.  I got a total of 697.7 miles for November.  It’ll do.  It’s still a new personal record.  I’m going to ease up a bit in December.  I need a break.


3 thoughts on “Good Enough”

  1. Wow, that’s pretty close to 700. If I was pushing hard enough for the record to plan a 50+ mile ride in the 40-degree rain, I might be tempted to go ride up and down the street in front of my house to get over the top. On the other hand. after that much riding during the month, I’d probably be ready to lie down. Great job!

  2. I didn’t realize how close I was to 700 until I was undressed and warmed up. I wasn’t going back out.

    Re-reading my post, I realize how rambling and disorganized my thoughts were. Oh well. I did go straight to bed after writing that.

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