Shooting For A New Record

In August, I rode my bike 671 miles for the month.  I crossed 500 miles for this month yesterday.  I want to exceed 700 miles and set a new personal best.

My top ten months are below.

1August 2011671.0
2June 2010665.6
3March 2011646.5
4August 2008626.8
5March 2010574.9
6July 2010562.7
7June 2009542.2
8October 2011538.9
9September 2011462.9
10May 2009452.0

There are seven more days to ride.  One of those days is Gravel Grovel, which will get me about 60 miles.  That means I can average less than 23 miles per day for the other six days and hit my target.

Why yes, I do have a Thanksgiving Day ride planned.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

6 thoughts on “Shooting For A New Record”

  1. Monday I didn’t feel well and the last two days I’ve been horribly undermotivated. I’m glad we have something planned tomorrow to make me get out of the house.

  2. I’ve less than 300 miles so far this month. As such I am unlikely to set any record other than “Most Miles in November”…however I’ve already set a new personal best this year: 904.85miles in May, so my next big hurdle is to break 1,000 in a month.

  3. No idea, working has really cut into my riding time, and not having a vehicle to get to distant rides regularly has cut into some motivation to do longer miles. I had three centuries and more than a handful of metrics that month.

  4. David. pretty impressive mileage, mine has suffered lately due to circumstances but no more excuses for me either.I’m getting back on track

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