Great Day!

I woke up feeling ill still.  It’s mostly head congestion and a sore throat.  I enjoyed an extra-long shower to clear everything out and took a leisurely ride to work to relax.  I had gotten up early enough to not hurry, and even had oatmeal for breakfast.

Work was busy, a bit hectic maybe, but went by quickly.  I felt much better as the day went by.

I met up with Tim after work for a training ride.  It was dark but we were both well-lit and reflective.  The weather was comfortable.  I felt strong and had a spirited ride.  I won’t lie, Tim was ahead most of the ride and probably riding stronger, at least until the last two miles.  I pulled ahead and left him quite a way back.  He worked hard to pass me again and I was too tired to chase.

I then took a long-ish route home meeting Bethany, another bicycle commuter on Third St.  We chatted briefly before going our separate ways.

After arriving home, I was tempted to go out for dinner, not because I’m hungry, just having a craving.  The spirited ride actually suppressed my appetite, so I’m skipping dinner and staying home.  I’ll eat a hearty breakfast in the morning.  It also feels good to make the right dietary decision.  I need to do that more often.


I couldn’t sleep due to phlegm.  I got hungry so I cooked some white rice.  Still being good, and going to try to sleep again.

6 thoughts on “Great Day!”

  1. Phlegm happens…
    When the phegm hits the fan?
    Okay, I’ll stop now.

    I felt crappy again this morning. I can’t seem to shake this crud. A warm bowl of oatmeal, hot coffee, and a hot shower did wonders though.

    Oh, and my knee was hurting from last night’s effort. I was a bit concerned about that as I wanted to ride the single-speed. After less than five minutes of slow gentle riding, the knee pain went away. So I upped the pace for the rest of the ride to work. I feel pretty good now.

  2. I’m sorry to hear you have the Kentucky Crud (though also somewhat comforted by the fact that I’m not the only one drowning in phlegm :D) — but glad to hear you’re out there riding!

    I’m finding (counterintuitively) that riding seems to blow the snot out of my chest for a while, though it does come back. I’ve also been having issues with it interfering with sleep, though.

  3. As if you didn’t notice, riding has me blowing my nose to the right or left about every 2 miles.

    As for knee, Old Man.

  4. I do okay except when laying down, or during the first hour of waking. I never have liked mornings. 🙂

    Yes, my old knees are worn out, much like other of my old parts.

    I have noticed you’re snot blowing. I’m getting pretty good at dodging it.

  5. I hear that bit about lying down — this cold has made me seriously think I should maybe invest in one of those vertical coffin arrangements in which vampires often sleep in movies.

    At this point, in fact, I’ve begun to believe we’ve misinterpreted the legends: vampires are really just folks with bad chest colds (hence the pale, peaked look) who have devised a clever way to sleep standing up (close-fitting box keeps you from flopping over sideways, the door keeps you from falling out) so they don’t cough their lungs out in the mornings!

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