Sick Sunday? Blah

I’ve been fighting a cold for a while, including during yesterday’s rides.  I had planned to ride with Tim again this morning, but I really wasn’t feeling well, so I stayed home, drank coffee, ate eggs & bacon, and wasted time on the internet.

It was a pleasant if wasteful day.

It wasn’t completely wasteful.  I did some housework.  I played with the dogs.  I’m resting and will hopefully be ready to get busy at work tomorrow.  I also intend to ride after work with Tim for some more training.  Gravel Grovel is less than two weeks away.

Often on sick days, I’ll spend a lot of time reading.  I didn’t today.  I’ve been reading so much on my Kindle that I just needed a break.  I’ve averaged more than seven books per month in a year.  Yep, taking a break is a good thing.