Training and Errands

I rode about 42 miles this morning with Tim and Patrick as part of our Gravel Grovel training.  It was a road ride, but the idea is general fitness.

I’ve lost a lot of fitness.  I really struggled to keep up.

I had an “auspicious” start by oversleeping.  I got a text message from Patrick as I was heading out the door asking if I was gonna be there or not.  Oops.

I was riding the LHT in “gravel grinder” mode.  It’s stripped down with fat tires (700×47), but I did put the rear rack back on.  I need the trunk bag for clothing storage in changing temperatures.

Once I arrived at Breadworks, I had to have coffee.  Without coffee, I don’t exist.  That took some more time.  It’s hard to guzzle hot coffee.

I seemed to (mostly) keep up with them on the flats, but as soon as there was climbing, I fell behind.  I actually lost track of them at one point in the Mockingbird Valley area.  They had made a right turn, I went straight.

We eventually met back up and headed up River Rd to Prospect.  Shortly after, Patrick headed for home.  Tim and I went for more coffee, then back into town for a bike shop stop.  I bought a couple of spare tubes.

I followed Tim home and picked up a saddle for the Big Dummy.  I stopped for a beer on the way home.

I had a bunch of housework to do, so that’s what I spent the next few hours doing.

I later had to run an errand out off of Frankfort Ave.  I took a long-ish scenic route out.  On the way back, I was sure to ride the Beargrass Creek Trail, something I rarely do on solo rides.  I was on the Big Dummy with the newly installed saddle.  I think the stem I put on it a week or so ago is too short now.  I should have adjusted the (old) saddle before buying a new stem.  Oh well, live and learn.

I then headed to Cumberland Brews for dinner and beer.  Another 14 miles for the day.

It was a pretty good day overall.