As I’ve mentioned before, I am racing Gravel Grovel this year.  I had to cajole some of the others to actually registering, but they have.  I’m pretty sure that Tim, Patrick, and Timothy are registered.  I’m not sure about Michael.

I have stripped my LHT down.  I removed the fenders, racks, lights and most other accessories.  I put my Acorn handlebar bag on to hold the essentials and installed the wider tires (700×47 Marathons) that Patrick loaned me.  It’s still not a light bike, but it’s a bit better equipped for racing on gravel.

I met up with Tim this morning for a 25-mile training ride in town.  No gravel was involved, but just trying to get our fitness levels up.  I was slow and felt thrashed.  I haven’t adjusted to the colder weather yet.

We’re heading out a again tomorrow for a real gravel ride of about 57 miles.  Wish me luck.