No Camping

Tim & Michael both came down sick, ending the plans for the Red River Gorge camping trip.  Although I am disappointed by this, I’m also slightly relieved.  I’ve been quite stressed and busy recently.  Final preparations for the trip would have been further stress.

Sometime in the next few months I’m going to create a camping pack that will contain everything I need for an impromptu camping trip.  Next time an opportunity pops up, whether a car-camping trip like this one, or a last-minute S24O, I’ll be prepared.

4 thoughts on “No Camping”

  1. That sucks.

    On a positive note, you can now make it to this month’s populaire.

    I’ve been hoping to do a S24O sometime. I’ve managed to get all my camping gear down where it fits in or on my Carradice SQR Slim. It’s within the weight limits Carradice gives, but I’m not sure I’d wanna try it on anything other than paved roads.

  2. Don’t know if you’ll get his Dave, but please ditch me for the Populaire if needed. As to Dawn, I’ll stay out of that one.

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