‘Cross Is Hard

Damn.  Tim invited me out for ‘cross training tonight.  We’re considering a ‘cross race on 10/30.

  1. We’ll get lapped – and a I guess that’s a DNF
  2. I suck at cross

I’ll do it anyway if he does (or Patrick for that matter), but I’m a lemming.  I’m not a leader.

We did two easy laps and two “hot” laps.  I just followed Tim on the easy laps.  No problem.  I fell far behind on the “hot” laps.  We did the last one in reverse, and I mistakenly missed a turn and went down stairs.  I kept the bike upright but my feet came off the pedals, and my hands barely held unto the bars.  I was bouncing on the saddle.  Ouch.

In an actual race the course would be better marked, but I still suck.  I also don’t have a ‘cross bike.  That’s right, I used my LHT, a touring bike, for ‘cross training.

In addition to being a bit heavy, the LHT is outfitted with Schwalbe Marathon tire… not idea, but fine for training.  If I race, I’ll switch them out.  It also has a rack and fenders, which would be removed for the race.

What I can’t change is the geometry.  The low bottom-bracket meant I had to be very careful on some of the turns to avoid pedal strike.

Tim has his view of it here.

His take is that I would be better off on my single-speed on that course.  I think he’s right.  I could strip the fenders, lights, and rack from it and put on some better tires and be good to go.  The pink bar-tape is just an extra point.  🙂

7 thoughts on “‘Cross Is Hard”

  1. I don’t think riding a LHT is so crazy. It’s not that different from a cross check, in many ways. Of course the BB would be a problem, and your LHT is fully decked out in heavy stuff, so I get it. I mean, kind of. I’ve never tried cross and don’t really feel much inclination to do so.

    How’s the BB height on the singlespeed?

  2. The weight of the LHT is mostly the stuff bolted to it. I did remove the front rack some time ago though.

    I would change tires and remove fenders and rear rack for a race.

    The single-speed has a little more pedal clearance. Initially it had better clearance, but the 27″ wheel to 700c conversion took away some of it, yet the shorter cranks help. It also has a shorter wheelbase than the LHT so the tight turns would be slightly easier.

    I would strip the rack, fenders, and lights from it, and change tires.

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