Big Dummy

Hauling Pet Supplies
Hauling Pet Supplies
Since I will be living car-free very soon, I’ve been wanting a cargo bike, a Big Dummy in particular.  I have other bikes I want first, but the opportunity to try and possibly buy a used Big Dummy for a good price came up.

Ian contacted me about his BD.  I went to his house on Friday and picked up the bike.  The idea is a week-long test-ride while he’s on vacation.

After getting the bike back home, I adjusted the saddle and went for a ride.  I went out to Za’s for pizza and parked the bike “motorcycle-style” in the road.

Today, I went out to Feeder’s Supply for dog food and cat litter.  I put 55lbs of pet supplies in the rear bags of the BD and stopped at three different bars on the way home for food and beer.

There is a tiny bit of flex in the frame with that amount of weight.  I’ve already decided I want the bike.  I now just need to come up with the money.

Parked outside of Za's
Parked outside of Za's
Almost home - Zeppelin Cafe
Almost home - Zeppelin Cafe

6 thoughts on “Big Dummy”

  1. Honestly, my xtracycle is the single greatest bike purchase I’ve ever made. It might be a stretch, but you won’t regret it.

  2. Sweet! I love the shot of the bike parked motorcycle-stylie. I hope you’ll be able to buy it — a good longbike seems like it would be a great thing to have.

  3. Derrick,
    It is so much nicer than dragging a trailer around. This will probably become my primary commuter so that stopping on the way home to pick something up is a no-brainer.

    The thing is so big and imposing looking, that nobody seems to think it strange when you take up a car parking spot.

    As soon as the bike is mine I’ll be adding a set of fenders. There were fenders on it in the past. I don’t know why they were removed.

  4. Maybe this is a silly question, but aren’t you worried about not being able to lock it when you parallel park like that?

  5. Sarah,
    When it was parked like that, I was sitting outside less than ten feet away. If I needed to go inside, I would have locked the wheels and frame together. It’d be difficult to carry away, it’s not exactly light. 🙂

    If I were leaving unattended for longer, I’d lock it up like any other bike.

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