I’ve Got To Keep Reminding Myself

Monthly Average Weight
Monthly Average Weight

When I was having the most weight loss I was constantly reminding myself about my progress.  That was the point of this blog.

Since then, It’s turned into either talking about bike rides or complaining about depression.  Both of those affect my weight loss and will still be mentioned here, but I need to get back to basics and post my weight daily.  I just recently started weighing regularly again.

So there is now a Daily Weigh-In link under the pages section.  I’ll keep it as updated as possible.  It also has a link to a chart of my monthly progress that I’ll keep updated on a monthly basis.  I’m putting the chart here also, that is updated through September.

I’ve had some weight loss for the last two weeks.  I need to keep that going.

4 thoughts on “I’ve Got To Keep Reminding Myself”

  1. Good on ya, mate, as they say 😀 I keep falling on and off the wagon of actually weighing myself. I’m going for a hard drive to take off 25 pounds by the turn of the year, so I think I should probably get with posting my weigh-ins as well.

    Congrats on the weight loss! (And I second what Tim said :D)

  2. Hey man,

    I know how you feel, I lost 120lbs between February 2009 and ~December of 2010 and I have slowly putting weight back on (was at 175 and am sitting around 200 at the moment.)

    I also enjoy beer quite a bit (much to the dismay of my wife.) Anyway, I am active tech geek as well as used to track my weight at a site called PhysicsDiet but when they went down I started my own called SubtractTheFat.com and am trying to keep a daily weight log running.

    STF & PD both use a moving average to calculate your average weight so that daily fluctuations don’t look so bad. Just thought you may be interested in something like that (STF produces charts and you can set up goals to try to keep you on track.)

    Not spam, just thought you may be interested. Good luck on your continued journey to a healthier you!

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