Sarah guessed in a comment to my previous post that the handlebar tape was pink.  Give her a cookie!

Pink is like red, so that’s what I chose.  It’s a cork-gel tape, not cloth, so no shellac.  It’ll be just pink.  I’m man enough to ride with pink tape, at least until it becomes grungy-pink, then I’ll replace it with something different.

Before putting the new bar tape on, I re-positioned the brake levers and replaced the cables and cable housing.

It’s a far better job than I did last time, but it’s not perfect.  I also like this bar-tape better than what I used before… I don’t actually remember the brand of the last stuff, but this is Planet Bike bar tape.  Not only was it easier to wrap, but it was several dollars cheaper.

5 thoughts on “Pink!”

  1. Looks great! I haven’t tried Planet Bike tape. Usually I get Cinelli, I really like their gel cork stuff as opposed to just the plain cork stuff, but it’s more expensive to get the gel kind, of course.

  2. Irony. You have a OYLC sticker on a bike that wasn’t purchased there and doesn’t get serviced there.

  3. Oh, and I remembered the previous bar tape was Deda. It was unwieldy because the center was substantially thicker than the sides. The Planet Bike tape is only a little thicker in the middle.

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