Gravel Machine

Since I’m stuck in the hospital and have a laptop, I’ve been browsing.

I have some gravel rides planned for this year yet, and my LHT will have to be that machine once I remove some unnecessary equipment and put on bigger tires. That’s not idea.  My LHT should remain my touring bike.

So, I need a gravel bike.  I have several others I need too, but today I’m thinking about gravel.

I saw this post and I know what I want my gravel bike to be… a Surly Troll.  Just the picture on that post settled it for me.  🙂

I don’t think this will happen in the next 16 months, but it’s on my wish list.

UPDATE:  The nurse came in, and told me I can go home today.  She removed the IV, and is working to discharge me. Yay!

4 thoughts on “Gravel Machine”

  1. I’ve considered a Troll as well. I can’t really justify the expense of replacing my old steel Trek, with another steel rigid 26er right now, though…

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