Hospital Update

I posted earlier (from a phone) about being in the hospital.  Kristy has brought my laptop, and that’s perfect as I’m having trouble sleeping.

I’m expecting to be discharged sometime tomorrow.  A correction: the obstruction is in my small intestine, not the bowel.  The pain is gone, so I believe the obstruction is clear.  Nothing has passed yet, but it’s probably just a matter of time.

I’ve been allowed nothing to eat or drink today.  I really miss coffee!  I have an IV stuck in my arm providing me with fluid and nutrition.  I hesitate to call it food.  The IV has also made it quick and easy to administer a painkiller which was necessary earlier.  I’m no longer on a painkiller, but I’m in no pain other than a headache from lack of caffeine.

I think Sunergos will be my first stop after leaving here.

It’s been weird dragging around an IV pole with pump anytime I get out of bed.  It’s not very convenient.

Thanks to those who sent well-wishes in comments on my previous post, and via text message.

I will be on the bike tomorrow, but I won’t be out in time for the Knobby Hills Ice Cream Ride or whatever it’s called.  I’m not sure I should ride it until I had the chance to refuel normally anyway.

4 thoughts on “Hospital Update”

  1. OMG! I stop reading the Internet for a week or two and everything falls apart! Glad to hear it wasn’t anything too horrible, though … bowel obstructions can be scary. I’m glad it resolved without surgery, and hoping it stays resolved!

  2. I’m hanging in there. I actually feel as normal as one can being tethered to an IV pump that beeps when running out of fluid… then continued to beep for an hour until the nurse gets around to changing it.

    Now there saying I don’t get to go home until tomorrow (Sunday) Aaagh! I asked the nurse to talk to the doctor to get a clear reason (everything has passed now). The nurse said she would, but I haven’t seen her since.

    Mostly I want my own bed and solid food again.

    Although, I admit that after being allowed nothing by mouth yesterday, that my meals of broth, jello, and juice were rather tasty today.

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