Fall Bicycle Plans

Tim posted his Fall plans.

  • Sunday 9/25- I’ll be driving up to Brown Country, finally, for a half-day of trail riding up there with Apertome and Dave G. EVERYBODY talks about how fun the BC trails are. Also, mostly everybody talks about them in terms of good flow instead of gnarly technical challenges. I like that.
  • Sat/Sun 10/22-3- At least 3 of us will be going to Red River Gorge for a 1-night bikes+camp weekend. We’ll drive down early Sat and take in 100K of E.KY/DanielBooneNF mixed-terrain goodness. After a good camp we’ll do the 28m RRGorge Loop, road in nature this time, before heading home at lunch Sunday.
  • Lastly the posse is all planning on taking on the Gravel Grovel, Saturday 11/26. That’s another 100k worth of pure gravel, double track and some singletrack. Given it’s status as a “race”, we/I’ll need to be in reasonable shape to not miss any cut-offs.
  • The first one, 9/25, I won’t be taking part in.  Instead, I’ll be in Three Oaks Michigan for the Apple Cider Century.  Yep, one week from tomorrow I’ll be riding a century.  I used to live in Niles Michigan, about 20 miles away, and it’ll be nice to get up there again.  I’m actually taking a four-day weekend, and hope to get other riding in besides the century.  I also hope to visit some old friends.  Oh, and I’ll be camping due to lack of money for hotel rooms.  Brrr….

    I am planning on joining everyone for the other two events listed.  The Red River Gorge camping trip will be similar to last year’s Big South Fork adventure.

    The Gravel Grovel, being a race, is something totally new to me.  I’m not sure what to make of it, but it’ll be fun no matter what.

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    1. I’m excited. Didn’t know you were doing the Apple Cider Century. Sounds like fun!

      I keep forgetting the Gravel Grovel is a race. I really have no intentions of riding it like one. I think that’d ruin the fun.

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